What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer and provide a way to keep track of how you are interacting with websites from your web browser. In many cases cookies are essential in order for a site to function correctly.

Cookies can be used in a wide variety of ways by different websites and as of May 26th 2012 it has now become a legal requirement within the EU to inform users how cookies are being used on individual websites.

How are cookies used on this website?

Below is an overview of how we use cookies and the information that is stored on your system:

PHPSESSID: The Startin Tractors website stores a cookie containing a Session ID on your computer while you are using the website. This unique Session ID is sent to the Startin Tractors server as you navigate around the website, providing a way to identify your information that is being stored on the Startin Tractors server and provides us to provide the correct information based on the requests that you send to us. If you disable cookies completely for Startin Tractors via your browser, you may find that the website does not function as expected.

twk_uuid_*: A unique ID that is stored as a cookie that allows us to interact with you via our integrated third-party online chat system.

ga_*: We use Google Analytics in order to monitor the way in which our website is used and to help improve our overall customer experience. Below is an overview of the cookies that are used by Google Analytics. More detailed information regarding these cookies can be found at

Disabling, Enabling & Managing Cookies via your Web Browser

You can opt to disable or enable all cookies for this and other websites via the settings in your web browser. This process varies across browsers, but please find below links to how to change your browser settings for some of the more popular web browsers currently available:

Please note: Disabling all cookies via your browser for the Startin Tractors website may result in the website not functioning correctly. We highly recommend enabling cookies for Startin Tractors within your web browser and then manually turning off any options via this page. The information on this page was last reviewed on 16th March 2022. If you believe that any of the information above is inaccurate or incomplete, or you require any further information regarding our cookie policy, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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